The Horse is Dead; ESU alumnus speaks out about public education cuts

  In response to Gov. Brownback’s Senate... Read more »

Non-stop coffee shop

24-hour coffee shop opens on Commercial ...  Read More »

DG Wingz opens in March

DG Wingz opens in March

Jacob Hatze, Guest Writer

Filling the vacant spot Wheat State Pizza left behind, DG Wingz had their “soft”...  Read More »

ESU supports victims of sexual assault

Rosalie Kreger, Staff Writer

Students on campus may not have given any thought to what they would do in the event...  Read More »

Jim Hoy—friend of flint hills

Jim Hoy—friend of flint hills

Ariel Cooley, Copy Editor

Previous ESU professor receives award He made a career...  Read More »

Budget cuts lead to $632,000 loss for ESU

Payge Quintana, Staff Writer

Gov. Sam Brownback used his executive power to cut $44.7 million from public schools...  Read More »

Backs turn to Brownback in Holton

Backs turn to Brownback in Holton

Cassie Holt , Photo Editor

...  Read More »

The entire group of students stand in a circle to commemorate the loss of those in the Chapel Hill shooting
Tuesday, Feb. 17 in Union Square. Students stood in 18 degree weather to pay their respect to those who lost
their lives in the shooting.

ESU holds candle light vigil to mourn victims of Chapel Hill Shooting

Werner Golling, vice president of administration and fiscal affairs, sits
in his office before a meeting at 1:30 on Friday, Feb. 13. Golling took
over the position from Ray Hauke on July 1, 2014 after Hauke retired.

After first semester at ESU, Golling finds good fit

Number of reported sexual assault cases increase at ESU

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Feb. 26

Feb. 18 ...  Read More »

February 26, 2015

What Baseball Needs

What Baseball Needs

Throughout the 1920s and 30s and the days of Babe Ruth, to the 56 game hitting streak of Joe Dimaggio, a record that has yet to be broken, baseball was the rightful king of...  Read More »

February 21, 2015 • 0 comments

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