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Orlando Balloon Vigil

 “We remember you and we stand in solidarity with you,” said Deanna Williams, director of diversity programs, as 49 balloons, one for each person murdered at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, were released into the air at the Union Square. On Aug. 29, 2016, Diversity Programs collaborated with URGE (United Reproductive Gender Equity), a regi... Read more »

Bill working to create national monument at ESU

Dustin Bittel, Managing Editor

      Emporia State University’s President, Allison Garrett, traveled to the District of Columbia, to discuss a bill that would recognize the Fallen Educators Memorial as a national monument.      “We went to ...  Read More »

Bone marrow registration drive to be held on campus

Emily Giffen, Staff Writer

      Have you ever had the thought that you could potentially do something that would save someone’s life? Several clubs at Emporia State University are teaming up with a non-profit organization called Delete Blood Ca...  Read More »

ESU tuition rises 7.5, 8.3 percent since 2015 due to state funding, inflation

Sarah Spoon, Editor-In-Chief

         Emporia State University’s total required fees will rise 7.5 percent for resident students and 8.3 percent for non resident students, from last fall semester, in 2015, to next spring semester in 2017, acco...  Read More »

Audience First

This past year, at The Bulletin, we have been working to bring Emporia State our Audience First Initiative. We have been working to develop a better website, one that will be up and running during this semester. The Bullet...  Read More »

Hornet Express to Debut Sodexo Concepts

Ralvell Rogers II, Convergence Editor

Over the summer, the Hornet Express, or HX, underwent construction and refurbishing to incorporate three new Sodexo branded concepts.      Sodexo general manager, Fred Karcher, and the director of the memorial union and ...  Read More »

Relay for Life to illuminate caregiver’s role

Sarah Spoon, Editor-In-Chief

      Relay for Life will be holding a local event from noon until midnight, Sept. 10th in the Boyer Building at the Fairgrounds at 6th and Industrial. The theme is “No Place Like Hope,” and they will be focusing o...  Read More »

Emporia State Funding Issue Causes Tuition Increase

New Department Chairs Embrace Positions

Nine defendants dismissed from Hale lawsuit

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Marstall Eager to lead experienced hornet offense to victory

Adam Blake, Sports Editor

Coming off the most successful year in the program’s history, the Emporia State football team looks to continue their success with a new pair of hands under center this sea...  Read More »

New Season Brings Improvements to Welch Stadium

Stockman will likely pitch for USA softball

ESU softball dominates nationally ranked Bearcats

Hornets rank at KU Relays

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Police Reports

Aug. 24 Parking Enforcement immobilized KS 873BWG in Sector 3. Officer assisted KS 294FNF at 15th and Merchant.  Officer was unable to assist.  A tow truck was contacted. Ambulance responded to ...  Read More »

August 30, 2016

B&B Theatre Renovations

Ralvell Rogers II, Conver

    Coming from Kansas City, where there are numerous high-end theatre options to choose from (i.e. The Plaza, Cinetopia, Town Center, etc.), the bar for “the magic of the...  Read More »

August 25, 2016 • 0 comments

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The student news site of Emporia State University.
The student news site of Emporia State University.