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Total GDI Move

Total GDI Move

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I’m a GDI.

In the college world, this means that I am a “God Damn Independent” and made the personal choice of not going Greek It was a tough decision, but even the Greeks themselves will tell you, “Greek life is not for everyone.”

I am very involved on campus and usually, when you are over-involved, you are more than likely a Greek. Not me.
But I do have a lot of friends and work with a lot of students that are part of the Greek community, so I have learned about the stereotypes and the new phenomenon, Total Frat Move (TFM) and Total Sorority Move (TSM).

One day, I read an article from TSM about the new breed of sorority girls. These girls are supposedly ones that “GDIs respect” and the type that make “GDIs jealous.” My heart started becoming uneasy.

Another article I came across was about the “GDI Best Friend.” In the eyes of these Greeks, GDIs are “occasionally cool enough” to be in their group of friends, and “mostly normal, presentable and only slightly socially awkward.” We, as GDIs, “double” worship sorority girls and desire to fit in because we’re not as pretty, rich or popular as them. The article had one positive paragraph about us, claiming that we have our “shit” together (thanks?), but it was the ending line that really hurt my feelings – “See GDIs are good for something.”

According to this community, I should be seen as unattractive, unsuccessful and even worthless because I am not Greek. Working alongside so many Greeks, it is easy to feel a little self-conscious and wonder if they actually read these sites and think of me in that light.

Then again, I think of the success I’ve been able to accomplish regardless of not joining a sorority. I never want a GDI to feel the way I felt while reading those articles. I want you to know you can still be successful, even if you don’t wear letters.

Just as the Greek community wants negative stereotypes, such as the idea that all they do is party and have sex, to go away, I dream that the stigma that GDIs are not “cool” and are worthless will stop, too. GDIs respect the new kind of sorority girl. Here’s to hoping this respect will be mutual, even if I am a GDI.

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3 Responses to “Total GDI Move”

  1. Megan McCormick on January 23rd, 2014 12:38 pm

    I respect your opinion on this issue and as a sorority girl who has worked along side of you I can honestly tell you that I thought no differently of you for not participating in Greek life. There is one thing that leaves me somewhat uneasy though. I never heard of the term GDI at Emporia State and in my personal experience ESU campus didn’t feel divided between Greeks and Non-Greeks. It wasn’t until I transferred to a D1 school that I personally experienced the stereotypical divide between GDI and Greek. With all that being said I just wanted to leave a positive note about the student body of ESU and that students seem to have a passion for impacting the community regardless of what organization you are doing it through.

  2. Kelsie on January 23rd, 2014 12:41 pm

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Rachel. In my first year of University, I did join a sorority, the pressures of being Greek were pretty huge here at Pittsburg State University. (Yes, this gorilla supports her hornet friend) After one year of being greek I truly couldn’t stand it anymore. I traded in those letters for GDI letters. It was not easy, and still isn’t. I get hateful looks, get ignored and sometimes when I walk into a class with former “sisters” it just gets quite. I’d rather be a GDI any day over being greek. Someday I hope those 2 communities will get along better than they do now.

  3. Nikki on January 23rd, 2014 7:13 pm

    At some point, articles like this do not matter to people who are GDI’s or Greek. I have to remind myself numerous times what being GREEK is and the people who originated these fraternities and sororities what they were really trying to do. I do relate to you and numerous people give Greeks who do abuse their letters too much attention on the aspects of how they appear to them. Most people who are Greek are not only involved and good people, but being Greek for some people does not bring the best outcomes. I currently have a friend who is inside of sorority and who has forgotten who she is herself because of outside things and not because she was Greek. I look at people like my mother who hasn’t been able to enjoy the comfort of our home because her bed is my dads fraternity, his colors, his truck, everything is about his fraternity, but that does not make him a bad person he just a proud Greek Man. As a GDI, as you would consider yourself are letters you have personally ordained yourself. How about you remember who you are and not try to advocate for those who really do not understand what it means to be Greek. For some people who are Greek it is there first time being apart of something in their life and has gotten them far. We cannot condemn Greek life because others who do not deserve to be Greek got the opportunity. I can personally say that is still why I am planning to join a sorority because not only have I found who I am, but I have also have a valid reason as to why I want to join a sorority and it is not because I feel like a GDI, I know who I am and what being apart of sorority can do for me. Sorry for the sermon, but it is important that people like you understand things like this as it is very obvious that you have lost respect for Greek people and not the orgnization. I do encourage you to go and do your history on fraternities and sororities at your campus or just in general so you can gain your level of respect back for Greek lettered organizations and it may encourage you to want to become apart of something big.

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Total GDI Move