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Dual credit accounting program now offered through ESU

Emporia State is now offering an Accounting Pilot and Bridge Program which allows students to have the opportunity to complete an introductory accounting course during high school and apply it to transfer as credit at the university.

This course developed first at Kansas State University. This past year, George Durler, professor of accounting, has worked with Dan Deines, interim head of accounting at KSU, to make an agreement on the program working with ESU as well.

“This dual credit program offers a great opportunity for high school students to get a head start on college-level accounting study,” said David Cordle, ESU provost and vice president for academic affairs. “In addition to the benefits to the students themselves, the program has real potential for positive impact on our state and its workforce.”

There are several high schools that are participating in this new program. KSU has not sent the full list of the schools that have joined this program so the names of the schools will not be able to be listed, said Jessica Buchholz, coordinator of marketing and recruitment in ESU’s School of Business.

After completing the course, students will take an exam administered by ESU or KSU and must receive an 85 or higher for the student to receive college credit.

Similar to other transferring credit courses, “students will receive credit for the accounting course AC 323 with no tuition charge once they enroll in an additional 12 hours for their semester at Emporia State,” according to ESU’s website.

“Surveys of business leaders indicate there will be a significant demand for professional accountants in the future,” Durler said. “This is a significant step in encouraging some of the best high school students to consider one of the most respected professions in business for their future career.”

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