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Time for a Change

New logo will be revealed in February

  • One of two finalists for Emporia State’s new academic logo. (Courtesy of Marketing and Media Relations)
  • One of two finalists for Emporia State’s new academic logo. (Courtesy of Marketing and Media Relations)

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Now that Emporia State’s 150th year celebration has passed, it is time to change the logo once again.

A survey distributed by the university regarding the “Power E” discovered the symbol was thought not to be a good representation of ESU. The survey ends tomorrow, and everyone who is involved in voting for the new logo takes part in the final decision of what the new logo will be.

Kat Dorcas, art director for Marketing and Media Relations, has come up with a few designs for the new logo since last June. She is the designer of the two current competitors.

The last time the logo changed was in 1998. This was when the “Power E” was introduced and implemented. Currently, there are two seals interested parties can vote on, even students.

The first option is a banner-like image with “Emporia State University” in a circle around the banner. The inside of the banner holds the words, “Teacher Research Service,” and the date ESU opened its doors, 1863.

The second option is a circle with the name of the college on the outer ring with a representation of Plumb Hall in the center. Voting on the two options is encouraged, but ends tomorrow. Click here to vote.

Umair Abbasi, executive director of Marketing and Media Relations, said he believes that creating a new logo fits well with the other great strides ESU is taking, like its Campus Master Plan, the I Am A Hornet campaign and the Now and Forever campaign.

“It’s something new, something fresh for Emporia State University,” Abbasi said.

Students who have seen the remaining two options are split in their decision on which symbol is best for the university.

“We have to be up to date with our university,” said Amandra Campbell, senior communication major. “The change we have going on now is good, so keep implementing the change for the betterment of moving forward.”

Brittany Campbell, freshman crime and delinquency major, said that change is good, and it is good to just “go with the flow.”

Campbell said she voted in favor the Plumb Hall seal because she felt the other seal focused more on the teaching aspect of the college, instead of focusing on everyone who attends ESU.

The fears of Corky being replaced can be laid to rest, however. Abbasi assured that Corky will remain Corky and will go nowhere. The new seal that is in debate will be used for academics, while the “Power E” will be used for student organizations and athletics – not just strictly athletics.

Silent Joe, the bell tower on campus, was in the running for becoming the new logo. But Abbasi made it clear that Silent Joe is not the direction for ESU. This particular logo idea received much backlash from faculty and students. Silent Joe is currently the identity for the Now and Forever campaign with the slogan, “We are silent no more.”

“The Bell Tower idea, in particular, is quite dreadful, ugly, and not appealing,” said William Clamurro, director of the Honors Program and professor of Spanish.

The new logo is set to be revealed Feb. 15.

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Time for a Change