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National Student Exchange provides affordable study abroad opportunities

National Student Exchange provides affordable study abroad opportunities

Nicholas Sumner

Study abroad program flyers cover a bulletin board in the Office of International Education. The newest addition to Emporia State’s exchange programs is National Student Exchange, which allows students to pay their home school’s tuition while studying at another participating school for a semester or a year.

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The adventure of going to a new place, while still being close to home, is now possible through the National Student Exchange with Emporia State.

NSE is a network of colleges in the United States, Canada and several of America’s territories, such as Guam, that allows students to study at another school within the network.

The cost of tuition at the host college doesn’t have to be of concern for participants. According to Gonzalo Bruce, dean of International Education, a bonus to the program is that regardless of whether the host college is in California, Florida, or anywhere else, “students will always pay Emporia State tuition and fees.”

Meredith Hodges, graduate art therapy and mental health counseling student and graduate assistant in the Office of International Education, said students should consider NSE, “especially if they have qualms about going too far out of the country.”

While the program is rather new to ESU, NSE was founded in 1968.

“More than 105,000 students have had the opportunity to experience life from a different point of view,” says NSE’s official website.

In order to get into the program, students may pick up and fill out an application packet from the OIE. Bruce said there is an application fee of $125, but there is a 99 percent success rate for the student to get into his or her top three choices.

After the information has been processed, the applicant will be called for an interview. Students will then be asked to choose multiple colleges within the network, and the colleges will be contacted following the order of the student’s choice. Then, the applying student will have the option to travel to a college within the network for one or two semesters.

In order to be accepted, students must have at least a 2.5 GPA. However, there are certain colleges within the network that may require a 3.0.

All majors are accepted, but certain colleges may not be available depending on whether or not they are properly accredited.

Hodges said this program is also a “wonderful opportunity” to scout possible colleges for graduate school, and allows students to look at living conditions in a state they would like to live in later on.

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National Student Exchange provides affordable study abroad opportunities