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Dorm Room Fitness

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Dorm Room Fitness

Greg Farris

There is a misconception that good workouts must be accompanied by fancy equipment. It’s also not true that it takes hours every day to improve fitness.

Sometimes, life happens. That hour we allocated to the gym vanishes. Don’t be discouraged by these obstacles. A quality workout – especially for beginners – requires no equipment and can be accomplished in 10-minute intervals. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes?

Now, if you want to improve your fitness, eventually you’ll need to challenge yourself with load (more resistance) or more volume (exercising for longer or with more intensity), but until that time, bodyweight exercise is an effective modality. If you’re not sure where to start, use these tips. Also, don’t forget YouTube and phone apps are great resources.

For beginner strength/muscle building

While sitting around watching TV, do pushups during commercial breaks. Performing 10-20 pushups each break easily adds up and it’ll hardly feel like a workout. Use the same concept with ab movements and pull-ups. As regular pushups become easy, challenge yourself by asking a cute girl to sit on your back while you crank ‘em out. They’ll either think you’re a sexy ox or conceited, but I say go for it.

For a more formal, full body routine use circuit training. For example – 21 squats, 15 crunches, nine pushups. Repeat for as many rounds as you can handle. To progress, simply add 1-2 rounds every few days. This type of training is great for building a strength foundation and can aid fat loss.

For beginner cardiovascular endurance/fat loss

Getting out of the sagittal plane (forward and backward) is great for calorie burning and makes exercise more interesting. Instead of regular lunges, try side lunges. Substitute crunches for Russian twists.

Making the same movement harder is a great way to progress. For example, start with 10 squats, then progress to 10 jump squats. When that gets easy, move to 10 burpees.

Run the dorm stairs. People may think you’re crazy, but hey, looking and feeling good is worth it.

Even though movements like push-ups and squats may seem like muscle builders, they’re also great for fat loss, implement them in a circuit fashion.

Dorm Workout Challenge

Get a group of friends together, time yourself and make it competitive.

  1. Sidestep one flight of stairs
  2. 20 jumping jacks
  3. Jump up two flights of stairs
  4. 20 squats
  5. Run up two flight of stairs
  6. 20 burpees and 20 mountain climbers
  7. Throw up over the top edge of Towers…kidding.
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