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Sonic Blasted

Sonic Blasted

The Sonic cup needs to retire from the party scene.

Think back to all the parties you have been to while at college. Music might be playing in the background, there may be a group of people in the middle of an intense game of cards, and you are in the middle of telling a story to your friends when a pack of girls walk in gracing the large Route 44 Sonic cup. Now analyze this reoccurring scene and you will find that almost every single time these girls are typically underage.

The Sonic drink is a popular go-to for underage drinkers because they can get a large fruity drink and then slip some alcohol in it. Nobody will know, right? This trend seems to have gone on for too long and everyone has caught on to the trick. It’s safe to assume that any young person coming into a party with that certain container is hiding a drink they’re not supposed to have in the first place.

There are reasons that this fad should go away. Let’s imagine you are at a party that’s getting a little too crowded and so loud that the cops to show up. This Sonic cup may peg the underage as suspicious where a typical Solo cup wouldn’t. Now, you are caught and everyone knows it!

That massive cup can give clues that those students are most likely freshmen or sophomores. Some people might assume these students are young and naive. When alcohol is added into the equation, it can lead to bad decisions. Some jerk might take advantage of that.

I am not condoning underage drinking, and I am not your mom. If you are going to take part in the act, don’t be so obvious about it. Do some research and get creative because there are other ways out there to be sneaky. If that is too much of a challenge then just invest in some Solo cups to pour your drink into. You can be part of starting a new trend.

Ditch the target on your back and retire the Sonic cup from your night life.

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