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CVS: Cutting the Irony

CVS: Cutting the Irony

It seems simple. It makes sense.

Why would a business that works to provide customers with better health sell something that is widely known to be bad for people – tobacco products? Maybe if they were out to make money, they would keep selling these dangerous goods in order to keep customers coming back for medications and prescriptions to stay somewhat well in life. It could be a vicious money making cycle.

CVS broke the news last week that it would no longer sell tobacco products starting Oct. 1. The company stated, “The sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose – helping people on their path to better health.” The irony was almost overwhelming, but will soon come to a close.

With the new CVS opening just across the street from Emporia State University, the window for our fellow students to buy tobacco will be very small. This is a good thing. College is full of temptations to start bad habits and having a CVS in walking distance selling these certain products could have been a downfall for some of them. If Emporia decides to build a place that is supposed to help provide better health, wouldn’t we want it to follow through with that promise especially for our peers?

As for a sales downfall and Walgreens to come out on top, students most likely won’t want to take the journey across town and would rather prefer the close proximity to campus CVS has. CVS sells other products and offers other services besides tobacco so they shouldn’t suffer very much.

This big move to reevaluate the company’s overall purpose is quite inspiring. What would happen if every company and business went back to their mission statements they thought of long ago? What if we as people thought back to our own morals and what we stand for? Changes could be made and the world might be a little different and for the better. Let’s go back to the drawing board and rethink some things. Thank you, CVS. You shook us up and made us think. It seems so simple, right?

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