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Student Foundation establishes emergency fund

Whenever students are in need of money for any type of emergency, Emporia State now has the answer with Student Emergency Assistance.

SEA officially started up in January for students who have used up all of their subsidized and unsubsidized loans for the semester.

“They can apply for assistance if they have car trouble, a medical bill or rent because your paycheck won’t cover the entire month or anything that you can’t control that could really stress someone out and affect their school work,” said Ethan Platt, senior music major, and chair of SEA.

SEA is available right now to students who are in financial situations such as this. To apply, students can fill out an application and turn it into the Sauder Alumni Center. From there, Platt said he will turn in all of the documents into Financial Aid.

“Since this is technically an award by the university, since we are university entity, it has to go through Financial (Aid) so we don’t mess up their Financial Aid ability for the next semester or year,” Platt said.

The one stipulation for receiving an award from SEA is that the person has to give back to the community in some way, such as community service, joining the Student Foundation or donating to Hornet Nation.

The Student Foundation has been raising money for this fund for this past year. Last week was their “Campaign Week” for raising money for the emergency assistance fund and the Hornet Nation campaign.

“Campaign week is when the Student Foundation publicizes the Hornet Nation campaign, which is the annual student led campaign for ESU,” said Tyler Huddleston, sophomore Spanish and communication dual major. “Basically, Student Foundation is out and about raising money for student emergency assistance and class gifts so that we can help as many students on campus as possible.”

Huddleston said they ask for a minimum donation of $18.63 to receive the Hornet Nation T-shirt. One hundred percent of the money received goes to class gifts and the emergency assistant fund. Last year, the gift, which was presented from the class of 2013, provided more light poles on campus to areas that were less lit at night. Each year, the Student Foundation will provide funds to have a new class gift to be applied or used at ESU.

The Hornet Nation is a student-led organization sponsored by the Student Foundation, and when one makes a donation to the #HornetNation campaign they become a member of the “Hornet Nation” and will be able to attend all events put on by the Student Foundation for free.

Last year, Angela Fullen, director of Annual Giving for the ESU Foundation and faculty adviser for the Student Foundation, approached Huddleston and other students to create the Student Foundation. She and her employees of Annual Giving realized that a group like the Student Foundation on campus was needed where students would help other students. In turn, they wanted students to start raising money for ESU and to promote students in a positive way and show them what philanthropy is.

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