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Police Reports

Reports given to The Bulletin from ESU Police and Safety

Feb. 19

Morse Hall Complex zone 153. Northeast Morse Hall basement. Mechanical error.

Feb. 20

Officers stopped a bicyclist at 13th and Market. Verbal warning for a one-way violation in same location.

Officers assisted Lyon Co. deputy with a foot chase in 800 E 6th.

Female staff member requested to speak with an officer at Beach Hall Room 118 in reference the theft of a flute. This reportedly occurred between 1530 and 1550 on February 6th. Report taken.

Morse Hall Complex zone 153 Fire. Smoke detector Northeast Morse Hall basement. Unknown error.

Feb. 21

Officers contacted skateboarder in 200 E 15th and advised of campus policy.

Officers stopped KS 330CSX at 105 W 12th. Verbal warning for driving without headlights.

Feb. 22

Resident Assistant reported a suspicious odor on 1st floor of South Twin Towers. Handled by officers.

Officers assisted Lyon Co. deputy with a car stop at 15th and Merchant.

Three students requested to speak with an officer at ESU PD HQ.

Feb. 23

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a hit and run suspect at Twin Towers Complex.

Feb. 24

Officer provided escort for female student from Student Wellness Center to Singular/Trusler Complex.

Officers stopped KS 374BPD in 1500 Highland. Verbal warning for a defective headlight.

Officer escorted KS 900CWB from Sector 6 to Sector 5. Officer provided escort for female student from Sector 5 to Twin Towers Complex.

Power House Operator reported the temperature in Science Hall-Brighton Hall south auditorium was above normal. Officer called Steve Sisson – no answer. Officer contacted Nane Weaver – he came in and resolved the issue.

Feb. 25

Officers took report of a non-injury accident involving KS 728DVP and KS 283EDX in 1200 Market.

Officer provided escort for a female student from ESU PD HQ to Lot 1.

Officer stopped KS 171FXL in 10 E 12th. Courtesy stop.

Officer stopped KS 256DVK in 200 W 12th for illegal lane change. Female was taken into custody for a warrant through Lyon Co. and was transported to Lyon Co. jail.

Officer attempted to assist the operator of a red Ford pickup in Sector 7. Vehicle slid on the snow over the curb. Officer was unable to free the vehicle. Operator contacted a wrecker.

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