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Quit Poolin’ Around

Staff Editorial

Donovan Elrod

Most students at Emporia State know that we have a pool, but they actually use the Student Recreation Center.

Not many students have ever actually seen our pool. It isn’t much to look at. It is 50 years old and at the end of its life span. It barely meets draining compliance regulations and is so old that when it breaks down, parts have to be custom-made to fix it. The pool isn’t even in the same building as our rec center. It really isn’t any surprise that most students don’t use the pool.

The rec center, on the other hand, was last renovated in 2002. Most students not only know about it, but also make full use of the free services that it provides. The equipment is nice and in good condition, but there simply isn’t enough to go around.

The ESU Campus Master Plan may include a brand new pool as an addition to the current rec center, but what about the recreation center that is actually being used? Before the university gets a new pool, it needs to take into account what would currently be more beneficial to the students.

Although there are about eight treadmills in the rec center, it seems two or three are always out of order or turned off. There are often lines of students yearning to use the basketball courts. Students wanting to dance or box have to vie for the same room, which is always booked up, due to its popularity. The rec center is so overcrowded that some students have begun paying for memberships at gyms off-campus just to have equipment that they know will be available.

We appreciate the thought that goes into the idea of creating a new and improved pool, since ours is outdated. We know we will gain from such a venture, but we think we would gain more from expanding the rec center first. Students need a bigger, better and safer pool. But we don’t need a pool as much as we need more space to exercise in and more equipment to use.

The cost of building what we need now will be marginal in comparison to waiting and spending a huge sum on a new pool. Upgrading first to a bigger recreation facility with more equipment to go around would make more sense.

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