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Body Wrap Behavior

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Body Wrap Behavior

Greg Farris

What if all those hours of hard work in the gym and mindful food choices were all for nothing? What if you could engulf yourself with special wraps and skip the nonsense of diet and exercise?

Enter body wraps.

The protocol includes tightly wrapping areas of one’s body with hot bandages (think ACE bandages for injuries), add in some minerals, a sauna and maybe some light exercise and reap the rewards.

Of course, there is more than one type of body wrap. They can moisturize the skin, detoxify your body, slim certain body parts and even remove cellulite.

Sounds good. Let’s all go get wrapped.

As most would think, there is little evidence to support any of the claims of body wraps – but who needs evidence when everyone is doing it?

Skinny Wraps, for example, are multi-level marketing businesses, like Advocare and Mary Kay. Multi-level marketing businesses allow anyone to sell a product. The low level of entry is bad for the consumer, as you end up buying products mostly from individuals who have no idea what they’re talking about. They can’t tell you what’s in their supplements or magical wraps. All they know is that it “works.” Call me crazy, but I’d like a little more evidence than that.

Let’s look at the claims of various body wraps. They claim to remove toxins. Our bodies have a liver and kidneys to rid the body of toxins. A clay-based mask may help with acne, but that’s a far cry from “removing toxins.”

They claim to help you lose weight. If you see before and after photos, there are real changes, but any improvement will only be transient. Compression with an increase in body temperature will result in water loss. This will give the illusion of a slimmer look, but once you rehydrate, the weight and original look will return.

Recently, I heard the analogy that these wraps are similar to a spray tan. They can be used, as a quick fix, but we all know they don’t last. Losing water weight is not the same as losing fat mass. The negative health consequences of too much fat are still relevant.

If you want to lose a few inches for a day or two, feel free to drop some cash on body wraps. If you want to improve your physique and health for good, invest in good ol’ boring hard work and consistency.

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