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Disc golf key sport in Emporia

Disc golf is currently the fastest growing sport in the United States. It’s similar to the game of golf, but with a few changes. Instead of hitting a ball with a golf club, players use their bodies to throw a disc into a metal basket.

Disc golf is considered a gentlemen’s sport – it is up to the players to be honest in counting their scores and following the rules. The discs used vary and change.

“There are three basic kinds of discs, putter, mid-range and driver,” said Denise Cameron of Dynamic Discs. “Kind of like with golf clubs, you have your different clubs for different shots, and you have different disks for different shots.”

Dynamic Discs is located at 912 Commercial Street in Emporia. They sell discs of all kinds, disc golf apparel and other merchandise.

“We do as much as we can to help grow the sport of disc golf in this area inside of the state of Kansas and all over the place,” said Toby Prince of Dynamic Discs. “We help provide merchandise for people to buy, and provide an outlet for the PDGA to oversee tournaments.”

There are typically 18 holes on a course. There are start spots, called the tee spots, and finish spots, where the metal baskets with chains that help catch the discs are located.

Emporia’s Jones East disc golf course, as well as a few other locations around town, held the Professional Disc Golf Association’s Junior and Amateur World Championship in July 2013. The Professional Disc Golf Association, or PDGA, hosts this tournament in a different location every year. Hundreds of disc golfers participated in the event.

Derek Krause, junior business management major at Colorado State and a former ESU student, took part in the tournament last year.

“A lot of people say our courses are the top in the country,” Krause said. “The courses here are a lot more wide open than others.”

Krause plays disc golf with his friends. This also serves as his practice time. He has also participated in the annual Glass Blown Open held every summer here in Emporia.

Emporia State will be hosting a free disc golf tournament for students, faculty and staff on April 26 at Jones Park. Those interested in participating can contact University Recreation Programs at 620-341-6778 or sign up online at

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