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The Price is Already Right

Staff Editorial

Donovan Elrod

Being an affordable university is one of the strongest things that Emporia State prides itself on. Next year, that all could change.

The Budget & Tuition Committee at ESU is considering a proposal that could get rid of the flat tuition rate for students taking 10 or more credit hours. Students taking anywhere between 10-15 credits would have a flat tuition rate, but those taking more than 15 credits would have to pay for the additional credit hours per hour.

Our low tuition cost is one of the many things that we love about ESU. One of the advantages that ESU has on other, larger schools is its economic feasibility. This resolution would take that away from the students. The flat tuition rate allows students with determination to take more hours without feeling like they are being punished.

Not only could this hinder students financially, but it could also slow down our graduation pace. The extra rate is enough not to want to take as many hours, causing students to have more semesters. This is a hindrance to those with motivation. We already cough up fees, we don’t need any more. If you’re a senior and you need 18 hours to graduate, be prepared to choke up the extra money.

Sacrifices might be necessary in order to keep up with all the change and renovations that the school has recently undertaken, but if we get rid of our flat tuition rate, we no longer can use that as an incentive for students. Our education no longer feels like it is a bargain.

If you value the affordable, valuable education ESU provides, help us speak out against this resolution. Tweet about it, write a letter to the administration – anything to make sure that the students’ voice is heard and not ignored. The price for tuition is already right.

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