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Why Health Insurance Matters

Why Health Insurance Matters

Have you ever thought about getting health insurance? Most people ages 19-26 years old haven’t.

A large portion of college students in the United States have some form of health coverage under their parents plan, at least until they reach age 26, while most students have none at all. According to, young adults are more likely to visit the emergency room than any other age group.

Don’t be that person who is forced to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket just because you broke your leg in a fall. It may seem expensive now to have an extra monthly bill to pay, like a second cell phone, but the risk of not being insured can be an even greater loss. One visit to the hospital whether your issue be minor or severe may set you back financially for months or even several years, always plan ahead you never know what the future will bring.

It is only a matter of time before the government requires everyone to have health insurance of some kind, so it is best to always keep your options open, even if you are the one still covered under your parent’s plan. When you apply for health insurance, it is also important to know what your monthly premiums or cost will be. Make sure the plan is within the constraints of your budget.

Some plans have a higher deductible but a lower premium this can be a good thing if you find yourself barely able to get by month after month. The Student Wellness Center on campus is a wonderful resource if you are considering health insurance plans.

It is wise to start this process early in your college career. Even though we are young, we’re not immune to illness and broken bones. Plan ahead and be smart about your health. Never consider your body to take second place to your academics.

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