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Donovan Elrod

Change has been the platform that our university has been heavily reinforcing not only this year, but for the past three years. So naturally, when the university announced that it would be releasing a new “visual identity,” the campus was ecstatic.

Finally, we were going to have an actual visual identity that others could associate us with, since unlike Kansas State University and the University of Kansas, we don’t have a dominant mascot or logo. We thought that the announcement of the new logo was going to come at the end of the 150th year celebration, but it didn’t.

So we waited. And we waited. And we waited some more.

On a non-official release date, the new “word mark” of the university was suddenly announced. We were confused. A word mark? Two logos we had voted on that we thought were in the final running – one with the words “Teaching, Research, Service” and one with Plumb Hall – were not chosen. Instead, a visual identity simply consisting of the words “Emporia State University” was chosen.

Were the students asked what they wanted in their new visual identity? Well, we were, but our opinion wasn’t good enough, it seems.

Now, the power E logo that many have come to associate us with is only used for organizations and athletics. We were fixing something that was not broken, and our university didn’t do the best job of it. While the 150th anniversary logo is no longer applicable after this semester, a better choice to visually identify ourselves could have been made, especially with the student opinion utilized.

We want our university to be represented by something that people will be able to recognize us by, not just our name.

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