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A Man’s Perspective

In this blog post, I enlisted the help of the one and only Kaleb Sauer – a man with great hair and all-around fantastic style. Kaleb and I are here to show you a different side to the blog: Menswear Trends for Spring 2014.

Kaleb-1_1600 Kaleb-2_1600

The first trends we started off with was chukka boots with shorts. These desert boots are a great choice for men because they are masculine and don’t go too high on the leg, as to be unflattering.

One thing that Kaleb is most excited about phasing into his spring wardrobe is camo. “Camo is a rad pattern that has been creeping into my heart one piece at a time. AND you can pair camo with other prints as long as the secondary item isn’t too busy.”

The next way to liven up your spring wardrobe is by layering. We know that here in Kansas, the weather is unpredictable, but if you layer a bit, all of your bases will be covered! “Layering is a trend that Will. Never. Die.”

Kaleb-3_1600 Kaleb-4_1600

Kaleb chose a button-up shirt and a puffer vest (which he recommends that all men should own at least one of) to achieve this layered look. He mixed complementary colors and patterns, and accompanied it with a pair of colored-sole oxfords to complete the look.

With these outfits, Kaleb effortlessly paired the pieces together into cohesive and eye-catching looks that are sure to turn heads. Even if you don’t own these exact articles of clothing, we’re sure you have similar ones in your wardrobe, and you can recreate and put your own spin on these looks.

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