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Do the Right Thing

Staff Editorial

  • (Donovan Elrod)

Gov. Sam Brownback has the rare opportunity to take the moral high ground by vetoing the part of the school funding bill that denies public school teachers the right to due process and has the potential to harm our Kansas teachers.
But he hasn’t – yet.

He must make a decision regarding House Bill 2506 by Sunday, April 26. So far, he has taken no action. He did, however, make conflicting statements on Monday when he visited both Emporia State and Wichita State. In Emporia, KVOE reported that Brownback said, “Emporia State, when I sign the budget, and I will, will receive $572,000, over $572,000, in salary cap restoration for this fiscal year.” According to “The Wichita Eagle,” at Wichita State, the governor told reporters he hadn’t made up his mind on HB 2506.

What we want to know is – why is Brownback skirting around the truth? We want – and demand – real, truthful answers from him. His decision is looming over the entire state, and he’s acting like we don’t know that. How long will he keep us waiting? He can’t wait forever.

The recognition that this bill may become law is important to ESU as a well-known teacher’s college. Many of our current students could be those teachers with tenure soon. We are the future of Kansas education, and we do not approve. A teacher, especially a veteran one, should not be subject to being fired from a job without due process. It’s unethical.

What we ask is simple: Brownback shouldn’t encourage legislatures to hold school equalization funding hostage to those very narrow special interests that would like to roll back teachers’ rights to the 19th century.

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