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Goodbye Education

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Connor DelaneyWhy would a state who is host to one of the best teacher’s colleges in the nation even consider creating a bill that strips teachers of their rights?

It seems that our great and wise state of Kansas is in the news more often than not. The state has been home to nationally known religious hate groups, it has drafted laws that would be considered unconstitutional in almost every other state and has made it well known that the state itself is against or even hates education.

The state legislature just passed a bill that would strip teachers of their due process rights – the right that forces those who are firing a teacher tell the teacher why they are being fired – and the teacher’s tenure, which serves as job security and allows senior educators to not have their positions terminated without just cause.

As a secondary English education major, I fully denounce this bill that does nothing but harm my chances in the educational career field. If I get a job as a teacher, I could potentially get fired for anything I do or don’t do. I could be a minute late and be fired for it under this ridiculous law. I could be replaced with a younger teacher if the administration decides I’m too old. They could hire someone else because they’re cheaper, even though I’ve been teaching for a decade.

This could also be interpreted in a way that administration could fire a teacher for their sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Why would anyone want to be a teacher if they can be let go in the blink of an eye for a reason unannounced to them?

Rethink this. In fact, get rid of it. Laws are meant to benefit people, not strike them with fear. That’s the kind of action we would see in a dictatorship. The great dictator, or Gov. Sam Brownback, should rip up the bill because it serves no beneficial purpose. It harms me as a future teacher by making it harder for me to get and keep a job and strips me of my rights to due process.

This law and the state legislation has made me question my career choice of becoming a teacher. They seem to do nothing but punish teachers. Passing a law that gets rid of job security in a time when everyone is obsessed with creating and keeping jobs and stripping teacher’s constitutional rights is a colossal screw-up for the state of Kansas.

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Goodbye Education