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Beard Bandwagon

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Rachel MarshallI like some scruff.

Guys who can pull off facial hair get a bonus point in my book. No Shave November is always a fascination to see what the men on our campus are capable of growing on their faces. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed when someone that looks good in scruff decides to shave it all off and leave us with a baby face. Facial hair tends to make boys look older and sometimes even sophisticated, like George Clooney (minus the gray hair). All girls know that’s a good thing. Take note, boys.

Christopher Howse wrote an article called, “Have we reached ‘peak beard?’ Good, because I’m not trying to be trendy,” about the evolution of the beard. He points out that we are currently in a “beard trend” among guys, and he can’t wait for it to be over. Apparently, the beard is at the top and it’s only downhill from there. He explains how a few guys that look sexy with a beard inspires just about every other guy to do the same and now you have them all with a beard and nobody is getting an advantage. Now, the guys that have been gracing the beard for years look like they are trying to be trendy.

The beard seems to have always been some sort of topic of discussion for men. Howse takes us through the history of the beard and how it used to be frowned upon in other countries, during different time periods, and so forth. I am glad that we are currently in a time when they are in and I am hoping the so-called downfall of the beard takes its time.

But, there is a certain extent into how much is too much with the facial hair. Just like there is such a thing as “too much makeup” for girls that boys tend to dislike, there is a point where there can be too much facial hair. Guys don’t like a girl’s long hair to get in his way. Girls don’t want a bunch of facial hair to get in the way in an intimate moment either. I don’t think college males our age should be trying to shoot for a beard as long as the Duck Dynasty guys. Wait until you are older. A couple weeks worth of that five o’clock shadow is better.

Guys shouldn’t be pressured to feel like they need to shave their beard because everyone else is doing it now and it has become trendy. If you look good and you are confident in your facial hair, flaunt it. Just be sure your facial hair is neatly kept, and avoid any creepy mustaches.

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  1. Joseph leonardo on April 22nd, 2015 9:48 am

    Well put Rachel! Great sensibility expressed here.

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Beard Bandwagon