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Rachel MarshallYour opinion doesn’t matter.

That’s what people tend to think or what others will say to people that try to voice their opinion.

Society is constantly evolving and developing. Sometimes ideas, rules and traditions are made that people think might be good at the time, but might have to be challenged later on. It is a good thing to talk, brainstorm and have a collective view. Someone else might actually have a valuable piece to a puzzle. You just have to speak up though for it to be known.

Some opinions may not exactly change the world overnight, but they are like little tiny seeds that can be planted and blossom into something beautiful.

With this opinion column, I have been able to plant my own seeds and I’ve even gotten to see them be watered by others. I ran into an alum a couple days after my Barbie article was published and she said she was going to repaint her nails for the meeting she was going to, but decided to keep the glitter nail polish instead – because of what I wrote. I’ve also been thanked by alums that now work for other colleges because my GDI article started conversations with their students.

Voicing opinions can be scary and having them published in print for anyone to read is even scarier. Not everyone is going to like your opinion or have the same views. I have experienced negativity and flack for a couple of my pieces, but I’ve tried to turn it into a positive learning experience of how to be brave, speak up and be criticized.

I’m thankful I was able to have this opportunity to be an opinion columnist for The Bulletin, because not only have I been able to do something I love (write), but I’ve also learned the value an opinion can have. My writing has become stronger, my values have been challenged and my skin has become thicker because of it.

The opinion section is special and I believe it’s important to have in newspapers and our lives. It’s important to know the latest news and current events, but opinion articles make you think, question and evaluate an array of things such as beliefs and values. It also can provide inspiration or be an important reminder.

I hope I have been able to inspire and make you think. I’m thankful I’ve been able to say it is okay if you are single now, remind people of the beauty of poetry and get people thinking about diversity and labels. Be brave and sprinkle your seeds. You never know what kind of garden may grow.

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The Opinion Garden