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Georgia Making a Bang

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Connor DelaneyI’m counting down the days before we have another public massacre on our hands.

The great state of Georgia has just passed a law allowing licensed gun carriers to be packing heat in bars, churches and even school districts. Of course, leaders of the churches and schools will have to allow it, as well.

Have we learned nothing about the dangers of firearms in the hands of the public? Have we already forgotten about the innocents that were murdered at Sandy Hook, Columbine and the surplus of other shootings that transpired around this freedom-obsessed country?

This new gun law spits in the faces of those who were lost in these tragedies and their families. Allowing people to walk around in public places, like schools, with a firearm is the definition of idiocy.

Schools are meant to be a safe place for children and others to learn, not a place for them to worry about if their stressed to the limit teacher is carrying a damn colt in his belt.

I’m sure those who support and cheer for the new law claim it as a “Second Amendment victory” and a triumph against gun control, but they’re not thinking about what could happen if some lunatic whips his piece out after having a few in a bar and begins lighting the place up.

What’s going to stop that from happening?

There were laws to prevent that, but they’ve seemed to be tossed out the window along with the state’s common sense.

The argument that “Guns keep people safe, guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is the lyric of a fool and should receive no attention from anyone with an intelligence above that of a household bucket. Guns are dangerous, though some choose to ignore that fact.

This ignorant country of ours and the denizens who inhabit it need to halt the passing of ridiculous, unsafe, biased laws before we have another tragedy. Stop this obsession with weapons and focus on more important matters, like the expansion of education – something Georgia apparently has a shortage of.

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One Response to “Georgia Making a Bang”

  1. frodo on June 12th, 2014 2:56 pm

    Yes…you are so right! Lets make sure that psychotic gunmen are the only ones with weapons at mass shootings. This way nobody can defend themselves or stop the shooting by firing back.
    You’re also right about expanding education…so everyone can have the same lack of critical thinking you are so proud of.

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Georgia Making a Bang