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Students seek stress relief for finals

Students seek stress relief for finals

Nicholas Sumner

Adam Perkins, junior physical education and health education major, stayed up until 3 a.m. Monday, working on a final project for his Music Appreciation. With finals week right around the corner, many students are forced to spend long nights in the library studying or working on final projects.

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Sweat rests on your brow.

You close your eyes thinking that it will help you concentrate, but it doesn’t seem to be working. This test is a dragon and your pencil is the sword by which you will slay it. That is what you are thinking as you try to distract yourself from the thoughts of potentially failing.

Finals are coming.

“Finals get so stressful because many professors dump a lot of work on you at the end of the semester restricting proper studying time,” said Brittney Baker, senior secondary education major.

Finals may be stressful, but there are ways to combat that anxiety felt when thinking about that final exam. For students at ESU, the most popular ways to relieve the stress of finals are exercising at the Student Recreation Center, listening to music or playing a game, baking some tasty treats and studying gradually, instead of all at once.

The number one suggestion was sleeping.

“I play the violin, so I usually practice more because it takes my mind off of things,” said Charmetra Walker, junior elementary education major.

While not stressing too much over an exam is a key to success, so is preparation. Taking proper and thorough notes in class can help prepare a student for the final exam, as well as asking frequent questions about the subject or the test itself.

“I try to spread my studying out, do bits and pieces of it at a time, so I don’t get overloaded,” said Ashlyn Simmons, junior elementary education major.

Studying, of course, is important to getting a good grade on a final, but the way a student manages his or her time when studying is also vital. Cramming the night before a final tends to not work out as well as studying for a little bit at a time for a couple days.

“Finals are easier if a professor provides a study guide,” Baker said. “Study guides are a student’s savior.”

Once finals are over and all the students return home for a while, the celebration begins.

“Sometimes I burn my papers if I don’t feel like I need them anymore,” Simmons said. My friend and I will make a bonfire for them.”

For a complete list of the finals schedule, visit, type in “finals schedule” in the search bar, and click on “Syllabus Attachment.”

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Students seek stress relief for finals