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Singular, Trusler dorm renovations complete after two years

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After the course of two years with a budget $5.25 million, the renovations for both Singular and Trusler residential halls are finally complete.

Trusler was taken “offline” as an option for incoming students in the summer of 2012. Demolition of Trusler began that June, and while construction officially started in February 2013. The renovations were completed last December, and students who were housed in Singular first semester were then moved to Trusler, so construction on Singular could begin.

For Singular, renovations began this past January. They were completed on July 31, two weeks before the dormitories were opened for incoming freshmen.

“We recognized the need for updated spaces. The two buildings were old and they were showing their age in terms of their finishes and the desks and the built-ins,” said Wade Redeker, director of Residential Life.

Brooke Frisch, freshman biology major, said her favorite part about Singular is how modern everything looks.

“These dorms seem to have a lot more space compared to other school’s dorms,” Frisch said. “I think that the dorm’s dark furniture makes the rooms look classier than others.”

Part of Frisch’s motivation to live in the newly-renovated dorms include making her freshman experience the “best it could be.”

Some of the updates include all-new mobile furniture (including couches and chairs), central floor lobbies, the addition of study rooms, and white-board walls. 

“Before, Residential Life was not meeting the needs of students and we needed to upgrade in order to be competitive and to provide them with what they desired,” Redeker said.

Eighteen flat screen televisions are available for use in the Singular/Trusler Complex.

“(The) in-hall lobby would have been two rooms before… We were able to adjust and shift in order to create the bathrooms and create the lounge across from it,” Redeker said.

Res Life also took into consideration the need for students to hardwire and game in lobbies. Individual rooms now also have five outlets, two on each wall, and one near the sink. 

Each room is now complete with its on vanity and sink, as well as five electrical outlets. In the rooms, there are also new beds, desks, mobile closets, flooring, and paint on the walls.

“It just feels good,” Redeker said. “It’s feels like home. It feels modern and updated.”

Compared to last year, the Singular/Trusler rooms are about $100 more. In the fall of 2013, a room was $1,918 per person. This fall, they are $2,090.50 per person.

Additional laundry rooms are now on the first and third floors, complete with glass windows so students can relax or study in the lobby or study rooms while keeping an eye on their laundry.

So far, Redeker said they’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about the additional space in the communal bathrooms, as well as the changing stations in the bathrooms and the privacy they provide.

Next on the agenda for Res Life are continual updates for Morse Hall, which are to be announced as the Campus Master Plan continues to be revealed.       

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Singular, Trusler dorm renovations complete after two years