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Tuition, student fee increase investment for Hornets

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FeesBreakdownIn order to continue improving the quality of education for Emporia State students, full-time residential tuition and student fees increased by $156 a semester for the 2014-15 school year.

“There has been good discussion throughout that process,” said President Michael Shonrock.

The 5.56 percent increase in student paid tuition will go to improving the amount of technology available on campus and updating programs to keep up with the fast paced technological world. 

“I think students are definitely going to see an increase in the technological ability that we have on our campus because that was a big fee that was added… Now on campus anywhere you are –  even outside – you can have WiFi, which is just tremendous,” said Tyler Huddleston, junior communication and Spanish major and Associated Student Government president.

The technology fee increased to $25 per full-time undergraduate student, and is meant to help with the growth of learning for the Teachers College and other programs.

“The technology component is going to be the biggest benefit because we saw distance students paying more for distance learning,” Huddleston said. “Their fee was outrageous compared to our fee here on campus, so to level that out a bit will really help the distance learning students. It’s also going to really help everyone here on campus because they’re going to be able to kind of help with the infrastructure problems we’ve been having.”

The electronic media fee for distance students was proposed to be reduced from $60 to $42 per course, and ESU is moving toward a $10 per credit hour technology fee in years to come to “phase-out” the current electronic media fee.

“We look at it in terms of investment… Certainly the tuition part hasn’t been the only opportunity for us to do things for people, which is the motion,” Shonrock said. “A lot of it has to do with information technology, so literally we have spent a lot more this year in terms of our investment.”

Another part of investment in student education lies within the student fees that allow the use of the Student Recreation Center, and help other campus organizations maintain and improve their work.

“The cost part will impact students. There’s no way around that,” said James Williams, vice president for Student Affairs. “The goal is to continue to provide what the best opportunities (are) for our students within an affordable component, and I’m never going to say that it doesn’t impact students, but we work really hard to keep that impact at a minimum.”

Student fees increased from $598 per student to $623. Tuition and student fees combined come to a total of $2,873 per semester.

“I want to make sure that the student voice, which is an important one, is heard,” Shonrock said. “We will discuss with it… I really want to make sure they are okay with that. They are the ones who are recommending fellow students.”

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The student news site of Emporia State University.
Tuition, student fee increase investment for Hornets