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Welcome to a New Year of Stinger Style

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Hi! My name is Jordan Storrer, and I am your source for all things fashion and beauty here on The Bulletin’s Stinger Style blog.


Normally, I do a back-to-school post about how to look your best at the beginning of the semester, but this time I chose to do something a little different. There are lists all over the internet, such as “Be the Best You Can Be in 20 Different Ways”or “Fifteen Things You Should Do Before You Turn 30”and more. I decided to do my take on the list trend, and I’m going to highlight the seven topics I’d like to lead you through for this semester that can apply to your specific style throughout your entire college experience.

  1. Brows are all the rage right now, with the thickest ones originating from supermodels, down to perfectly groomed and pampered brows available to every girl with just a little guidance. I will help you tame your brows and offer a step by step method to fool-proof shape.
  2. We all have a different body type, even within the awkward fruit-named categories (pear, apple, etc.). I want to show young women of all shapes and sizes what clothing will look best on them and flatter their figure, all while keeping it simple to show how your personal style can still come through.
  3. Working out takes care of our bodies and can keep them in check, but what about our skin? I want to take my readers through – from body to face – how to best care for their skin. This will be from preventing dry, flaky skin on your legs after shaving, to how to prevent and treat acne on a college budget and what products you should be springing more on, even with limited funds.
  4. As autumn comes into season, we’re looking for the perfect pair of boots. I’ll be making a list of the boots in style this fall season and what they are best paired with, as a quick guide to the essentials of autumn style.
  5. Simple ways to jazz up your normal make up routine? Look no further! From pairing your normal eye makeup with a bold lip color, to learning how to add a cream blush for a flattering flush on the cheeks, to the PERFECT winged liner, there are easy additions you can work into a simple routine to look on top of your game, even if you only have fifteen minutes in the morning.
  6. An easy guide to the best deals on clothing and accessories in Emporia, from the thrift store to the mall and everything in between. I will break it down to what style each store goes for, and make sure to point out the real gems in this town…possibly places you never even would have dreamed of going into!
  7. For the last blog post of the semester, I want to highlight YOU! If you have great style and you’re an Emporia State student, I might ask you to be on the blog, so keep a look out for me and my camera walking around campus – you could be the star of the show.


I can’t wait to put all of my passions and knowledge out here on Stinger Style this semester and be the student’s resource for fashion and beauty questions here on campus. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them on The Bulletin’s Facebook page, and I’ll take them into account for future blog posts.

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  1. Sabrina Powell on September 1st, 2014 10:17 pm

    PLEASE teach me your perfect winged eyeliner ways!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to a New Year of Stinger Style