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Full Time-Students, Part-Time Jobs

Multiple jobs keep Hornets busy for school year

Full Time-Students, Part-Time Jobs

Jennifer Pendarvis

Madeline Malley, junior nursing major, begins her first day back as an admissions tele-counselor Wednesday afternoon in Memorial Union. Malley began her job here on campus last Spring to help pay her bills in addition to working at a retirement home as a weekend administration service assistant.

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Isaiah Shaver, sophomore business marketing major, has not one or two jobs, but three jobs that he plans his classes around.

He is a delivery driver for Jimmy John’s, works as a house boy for Alpha Sigma Alpha and is a life drawing model for the art department – all while also being an Ambassador for the university. 

“I’d say the life drawing model (is my favorite job),” Shaver said. “I’ve always had an interest in modeling and this is probably the closest I’ve ever come. I think it’s fun. It’s more challenging than I thought it would be.”

The job of the life drawing model has always been a controversial one. Shaver said he doesn’t receive a lot of “hate” about it, at least not to his face. The biggest challenge of the job is the 20- minute increments he has to sit completely still while students draw his figure.

“(I have to go 20 minutes) without falling asleep or moving because your limbs are falling asleep,” Shaver said. “It’s about three hours, Tuesday/Thursday that I do get a spot.”

While his parents don’t give him financial assistance because of the amount of jobs he has, they don’t seem upset that he poses nude for money.

“I’m guessing they’re fine with it,” Shaver said. “We don’t exactly talk about it. But when it does I guess, come up – they bring it up more than I do, and in no negative ways. It’s a job.”

Shaver also said that if he could, he would work more hours at his modeling job because he likes it so much.

 “It was just something I always thought that I’d like to do and I was right,” said Shaver.

Shaver is one of many students, traditional and non-traditional, who put themselves through school with multiple jobs. Another student, Madeline Malley, junior nursing major, has two jobs this fall, but over the summer and last spring, she juggled many jobs like tutoring and coaching a volleyball team to keep herself financially afloat. She is also part of a sorority.

“One of them is to pay for school and to pay for funds of like rent and tuition, things like that,” Malley said. “But then there’s certain jobs that once I’ve had them, like the retirement home, I don’t need to keep that job but I love working there…it’s like something that I just don’t want to give up.”

Having two siblings who needed to be supported as well, she decided that it would be easier on her parents if she worked to put herself through school. As a nursing major, she has a lot of expenses – in the past she has spent close to $900 on books alone. 

This semester, Malley will work 10-20 hours depending on the week – a slower pace from the 15-30 she worked in the spring. But even once she has money, she won’t stop there. 

“Money is so temporary,” Malley said. “Even though I’ve got some financial aid and I’ve worked enough over the summer and I’ve gotten a few scholarships, that doesn’t mean that my senior year I’m going to have money to or get enough money to not have to work. I look into the future and I feel like just because I have the money now doesn’t mean I’ll have the money then.”

While she admits she doesn’t have much of a social life, she believes that the down time with her sorority sisters she does get is that much sweeter. 

“I feel very blessed to be able to receive an education because not that many people are able to go to college and so school is my main priority,” Malley said. “I do think it’s worth it, because I have gained so much. Even if it’s just little activities that I’m able to do here and there it makes me appreciate it so much more.”

Another member of Greek life, Joel Young, senior secondary English education major, knows what it’s like to have to work multiple jobs. Young is currently an employee at GNC and a second assistant manager at ShoeSensation.

“I’ve been working since I was thirteen and had my paper route. I think it strengthens, matures and prepares a person,” Young said. “I also didn’t get enough financial aid this semester, so working is kind of a must right now. Family helps when they can, but sadly we all have bills to pay.”

A member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, he said that a social life does get put on the back-burner. 

“If I could work less, I would. But, you do what you need to. I believe life is to enjoy and school is, too. But work also develops a person as I said before,” Young said. “I would definitely work less, just to enjoy the ‘college experience‘ a little more.’ I believe it helps you prepare for life out of college. Balancing out the work (and) life load. Not to mention the groups on campus I’m in. But hey man, life’s good, challenging and never dull.”

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Full Time-Students, Part-Time Jobs