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More Than Just Teaching

Staff Editorial

Donovan Elrod

“Oh, you go to Emporia State? So you’re studying to be a teacher, right?” 

Most students on ESU’s campus have heard this countless times, and they will hear it another countless times. 

Though some students are, in fact, going to school to become a teachers, the teaching program is astounding and widely known for being so, ESU does more than just produce teachers from the front doors of Visser Hall. 

ESU also has a magnificent business school that is internationally accredited and provides internships for its students (not that other departments don’t). We have a great psychology program, music program, nursing program and even more to offer students who do not have an interest in teaching.

The fact that those who do not attend ESU assume that all of our students are future teachers is wrong. ESU does put a lot of emphasis on its teaching program, so much so that it has caused other degrees, like the Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, to be cut while the university keeps the Bachelor of Science Education part of the program.

We need to divert some of our attention as a university from teaching and broaden our focus to the other programs that seem to be dying off like a severed limb from a tree. If we solely focus on a single program, the rest of the college will starve. There will be nothing but teachers here soon.

We are widely known for our teaching program, and that is exciting, but it would be nice to be known for more than being good at one thing. Get the word out that ESU offers a variety of other classes and programs for those who aren’t interested in teaching. 

Pull some, not all, focus off of teaching and place it into other areas. The university should be known for everything it does not just teaching.

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