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When the Nest Overflows

WestinAt Emporia State, we are able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Hornets Nest.  

But lately, I’ve found it difficult to enjoy my meals, due to the cafeteria being filled to capacity.  

As a sophomore on-campus ESU resident, I have had the luxury of having my meals prepared by the Sodexo food service in the Hornets Nest. But what once was an orderly, well-structured service has become a chaotic environment, where the students descend like vultures fighting for the last piece of pizza. 

ESU has experienced a great increase in student enrollment and changes are being made to accommodate our growing population, but we should also focus our attention on providing a space where we may enjoy a meal without being trampled on.  

The Hornets Nest is a great facility, modern in its overall design and aesthetic appeal, but, despite that it’s a nice place to eat, it is simply too small.  

Busiest at noon and five p.m., students crowd into the cafeteria, rushing in front of each other to reach the hot foods first.  I’ve even seen students stand while they eat because they couldn’t find a place to sit, some even resort to dining outside in the scorching heat. 

The Hornets Nest needs to be enlarged or a temporary space needs to be provided until such changes can be made to accommodate when traffic is greatest.

Help make our cafeteria a better place to eat and converse by inviting others to sit with you if they are alone, saving a table for another group of students. 

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