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Where were you on September 11?

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3rd grade – told us we couldn’t walk home so I wondered if there had been an emergency that my dad was involved with it.”

— Ethan Platt, senior music major

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I was in fourth grade. We were sent home early. I came home and watched the news with my family as my mom cried. She’s from Brooklyn.”

— Rachel Davidson, senior psychology major

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If I did something wrong, blame me – not my religion or country.”

— Moaz Al Nouri, freshman business major

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I was in first grade. I remember my teacher stepping out for a moment so the principal could tell her what happened. I really didn’t understand what had happened.”

— Luke Gost, freshman secondary art education major

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On 9/11, I was 6 years old, I remember gathering with my family to watch a video replayed over and over on TV.”

— Mohamed Moustafa, sophomore physics major

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