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2015-2016 The Bulletin Staff

Josie Rozell


Josie Rozell is a sophomore English Education major. This is her first semester writing blog entries for The Bulletin, although she has maintained an active blog site for longer. She is a hopeless Surrealist, a passionate advocate,... 

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Wendy Brigido

Design Editor

Wendy Brigido is a senior Elementary Education major and Special Education minor. Wendy was hired as the Design Editor for The Bulletin Fall 2014 and still holds that position. In her free time she loves watching movies, especially... 

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Marcus Butler


Marcus Butler is a senior Communications major. He was hired by The Bulletin Spring 2015 as a Videographer. On his free time, Marcus likes to write poetry, rap, skate, run, play guitar/record and play video games. He plans on... 

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Kaiyuan Wu


Kaiyuan Wu is a junior Marketing major. He was hired as a Photographer for The Bulletin Fall 2015. On his free time he likes to take photos and play his instrument. Once he graduates from undergraduate school, he plans to attend... 

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Susan Welte

Copy Editor

Susan Welte is a graduate student studying English. Originally, she was hired as a Staff Writer for The Bulletin in Fall 2011. Eventually, she was promoted as a Copy Editor/Assignment Editor during the 2012-2013 school year. Fall... 

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Harrison Nichols

Staff Writer

Harrison Nichols is a sophomore English major, who began working as a Staff Writer for The Bulletin Spring 2015. During his free time, Harrison like to road, play video games and cook. After he graduates, he hopes to to be a writer... 

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Anastasia Motiti

Opinion Writer

Anastasia Motiti is a senior international undergraduate student from Cyprus. She studies Flute and Piano Performance as well as Art and plans to graduate May 2016. This is Anastasia's second semester working as an Opinion Writ... 

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Tiffani Williford


Tiffani Williford is a junior Management Information System major from Hoyt, KS. She was hired as a photographer in the fall of 2015 for The Bulletin and was also made Office Manager in 2016. Tiffani is involved in Sigma Alpha ... 

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Hannah Jeffers-Huser

Staff Writer

Hannah Jeffers-Huser is a sophomore Social Science Education major and this is her first semester as a Staff Writer and ESU student. Writing is a favorite pass time of hers and she is currently revising a book that she wrote.... 

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Sarah Spoon

Managing Editor

Sarah Spoon is the Managing Editor for The Bulletin. She started fall of 2015 as a staff writer. Spoon is a sophomore English and history major with a minor in spanish and creative writing. Her hobbies include writing, reading... 

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Courtney Evans

Opinion Writer

Courtney Evans is from Ottawa, KS where she received her Associates of Arts degree at Neosho County Community College. After she graduated from there, she started her first semester here at Emporia State University last semester... 

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Dustin Bittel

Copy Editor

Dustin Bittel is a sophomore Theatre major and Journalism minor. He started as a Staff Writer in the fall of 2015 before becoming a Copy Editor  in 2016. Besides writing for The Bulletin, he is heavily involved in the ESU Thea... 

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Harrison Nichols

Staff Writer

Harrison Nichols is a sophomore English major and this is his first semester as a staff writer. In his free time he likes to read, cook and play video games. After graduating in 2017 he would like to be a writer for Vice.

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Derrick Duncan

Staff Writer

Derrick Duncan is a junior English Education major. This is his first semester working for The Bulletin as a staff writer. He is involved with Student Ambassadors, PALS and intramural sports. In his free time he enjoys hanging ... 

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Bluelake Pritchett

Opinion Writer

Bluelake Pritchett is a senior English major. He joined staff as an Opinion Writer in Spring 2015. Aside from The Bulletin, he likes to write in his free time. With plans on graduating Spring 2016, he would like to go on to be... 

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Britnie Wright

Fashion Blogger

Britnie Wright is a senior Elementary Education major. This is her first semester working for The Bulletin as a Fashion Blogger. She likes to hangout with her friends, family and boyfriend in her free time. Along with playing ... 

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Ralvell Rogers II

Web Editor

Ralvell Rogers II is a sophomore English major and Creative Writing minor. He was hired as a columnist/entertainment blogger who started in Spring 2015, but he is now the Web Editor. He is also a Resident Assistant in the North... 

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Payge Quintana

Staff Writer

Payge Quintana is a sophomore History major. She joined staff in Spring 2015 as an opinion writer and staff writer. In her free time she watches Netflix or reads anything "Harry Potter" or "Supernatural". She plans on graduating... 

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Sam Brooks

Copy Editor

Sam Brooks is a senior communications major, focusing on public relations. He started as a staff writer in Spring 2015 and is now a staff writer and copy editor. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing... 

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Ariel Cooley

Editor in Chief

Ariel Cooley is a junior English major and journalism minor who started as a staff writer for The Bulletin in the fall of 2014, and has worked her way up to copy editor and is now the editor-in-chief. She enjoys hanging out with... 

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Katelyn Dorrell


Katelyn Dorrell is a senior English major with a double-minor in creative writing and music. She began her work for The Bulletin during the fall semester of 2014. She is currently an Entertainment Blogger and anticipates graduati... 

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Cassie Holt

Photo Editor

Cassie Holt is a sophomore pre-art therapy major. She is a new photo-editor for The Bulletin as well as a continuing photographer for The Sunflower. Photography has been a part of her life for 13 years, and she has loved every d... 

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Ace Finch

Sports Editor

Ace Finch is a senior communication and journalism major. Ace has been with The Bulletin for a year as a Sports Writer and is now the Sports Editor. In addition, he is a member of SPECS on the ESU campus. When he’s not writ... 

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